It’s official– I’m in love with Prague. Or maybe, I’m just in love with traveling and exploring new places, because I have a feeling I’m going to fall in love with Amsterdam next week, then London after that. Regardless, though, I could stay in this city forever. The historical architecture, different colored buildings, and the flower shops at every corner have stolen my heart.


getting around.

3 words– public transportation, public transportation, public transportation. Prague has an AMAZING public transport system that makes getting around a breeze. A lot of things are walkable once you get into the city, but a tram/metro pass is a must. You buy a day pass, 3 day pass, a month pass, or a 2 month pass. Once you stamp it once, just keep it with you until it expires and you’re good to go on the metro or the tram system.

there is no air conditioning.

Pay close attention to the weather when you’re traveling to Prague and pack accordingly. If you’re going in the summer, be sure to bring lots of cool, breathable clothes. I know everyone says no one wears shorts in Europe, but when it’s 100° F, you will want shorts. Not to mention, unless you’re going into a supermarket or a McDonald’s, no one really uses air conditioning.


bring cash.

Credit/debit cards aren’t very widely accepted unless you’re at a big chain store/restaurant. Even if you do find a place that will accept your card, cash is always preferred; they will make their distaste known if you insist on using your card. Also, splitting checks at restaurants isn’t as common as it is in US. Don’t plan on splitting your bill at dinner and bring cash so everyone can pay for their own meal on one ticket.


My best friend and travel partner, Abbi

One of our daily rituals it seems is grabbing a beer around dinner. The attitude around drinking in Europe is different than in the United States– it’s much less about binging and more about taking your time and enjoying. Not to mention, it’s been hot here the past few days and air conditioning isn’t exactly common. Sometimes, it feels like sitting down with a cold brew for a couple of hours is the only way to cool down.

1. Beer with a view
Letná Beer Garden

The first place Abbi took me when I arrived was the Letná Beer Garden. With the best view of Prague I’ve seen yet, this incredible beer garden is located inside Letná Park. There are multiple beers on tap, as well as cider, along with a few places to eat. I got a kebab, and let me tell you, it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. Paired with a crisp cider and an incredible view of the city, Letná Beer Garden was the perfect first stop in Prague.

2. Off the beaten path
Vzorkovna (Dog)

Dog Bar is absolutely the coolest bar I’ve ever been to. The outside looks pretty plain, so you almost wouldn’t even know it was there. When you go downstairs, though, you find eclectically decorated hallways that lead to countless rooms. They have foosball, bunk-bed style seating, swings, food, a full bar, a full tea bar, live music, and more. There are rooms for large groups, or nooks for just two or three. The drinks are extremely affordable and the atmosphere is incredible.

Upon arrival, you preload a chip with money that you use for drinks, food, etc. and any money you don’t spend is given back when you return the chip. I loved this system because it made getting drinks quick and painless, even if the line seems long at the bar.


Y’all, Prague is seriously incredible– it’s like walking around in a real-life Disneyland. I can’t wait to plan my next trip back! If you’ve been to Prague, I would love to hear your favorite spots and attractions!


Featured image source: Pinterest
All other photography: Me

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