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i’m really, really loving pink.

If you’ve seen my Instagram, you know that blush pink is one of my favorite colors right now. Whether it’s a favorite because it’s a currently a major trend or a major trend because it’s currently my favorite (doubtful), this color is everywhere right now. From themed Instagram feeds to Brit + Co’s blush themed dessert recipe roundup, pink is everywhere, including Vogue by its stage name name: Millennial Pink.

Here, I’m wearing millennial pink in this Antonio Melani Mat Eyelet Shirting Sleeveless Dress from Dilllard’s.

Maybe you LOVE this color trend and can’t get enough of it. Maybe you’re intrigued, but unsure how to pull off such a girly hue. Or, maybe you’re completely against the idea of this crazy new “millennial pink” and hate the trend all together. Regardless of how you feel, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m going to show you my favorite blush items for the summer– ranging from statement pieces to small accents that even the strongest pink-hater could (maybe) get behind. While it can be sweet and girly, wearing blush doesn’t have to mean rainbows and unicorns. Paired with the right pieces, a pink accent can add a trendy flair to an edgy outfit.

  • Soieblu Embroidered Blush Pink Maxi Dress
    Soieblu Embroidered Maxi Dress

for the girly girl.

Soieblu Embroidered Maxi Dress
Forever 21, $65

This dress is amazingly versatile– dress is up with some flashy jewelry or slip into some simple sandals and keep it casual. It’s low-cut front and halter-style back add a hint of sex appeal, but the length ensures this dress stays (somewhat) sweet and innocent.


This dress is your key to cool, effortless style. Throw it on with some Birkenstocks and your hair pulled back for a casual day out, or try some strappy sandals with a sassy half up-do for something a bit more dressed up.

The taller you are, however, the less I recommend this dress. Forever 21 is notorious for skimping out in the length department and I only wear their maxi dresses sometimes (I’m 5’10”). It all depends on the look you like– personally, I don’t like my ankles to show in maxi dresses. I try not to wear heels and stick to only flat shoes (unless the dress is especially long), because showing too much ankle and above results in a “high water” effect.


Who said short girls can’t wear maxis? While flat sandals might not work best for your casual look, try a pair of wedges like these Lace-Up Espadrilles from Lulu’s. You don’t want your dress to puddle around your ankles– that will do the opposite of giving the illusion of height. Instead, you want the hem to gently dust the floor in order to give a floaty, lengthened effect.

To really dress this up, keep your wedges (height + comfort = yes please) and add some serious jewelry. A long necklace to draw attention to the plunging neckline paired with some big, gold hoops would add a chic flair that takes this dress up a notch.

Like a Phenomenon Blush Pink Pleated Midi Skirt
Lulu’s, $48

Another flexible piece, this midi skirt can be molded to fit any occasion. Check out Anthropologie’s Laurel Cami Top in a variety of different colors to achieve a more elegant look, or pair with a simple t-shirt for something day-to-day.


Flat shoes or heels, as well as sneakers work well with this dress, depending on the occasion. Pair with a plain, white tee and a cute pair of sneakers, like these gold New Balances for J. Crew, for a comfortable afternoon shopping. Or, look for a pair of ankle-strap heels and a cami top for a more formal look.


If worn incorrectly, this skirt can have a similar effect to wearing a cropped pant on shorter women. It cuts off at an awkward length and has a shortening effect rather than a lengthening one. Have no fear, though! If paired with the right shoe, this skirt can be easily worn by ladies of any height.

Always look for nude heels to pair with a midi skirt– the more basic the better. The nude color tricks the eye into thinking the leg looks longer than it actually does, solving the awkward length issue. Perfect for summer, these Vicenza Raffia Platform Sandals from Anthropologie are the perfect combo of basic with a little twist. Maybe you just need to add a little somethin’ extra, though. Totally understandable, considering these Jeffrey Campbell Lindsay Heeled Sandals, also at Anthro. I can’t resist the colorful stripes– just enough to bring a little tasteful personality to any outfit.

Ecote Luelle Halter Babydoll Top
Urban Outfitters, $29

This is your perfect summer time top: trendy, but comfortable. You won’t have to worry about sweating to death in the heat during the day, but it can easily transition into something to wear out at night. Start with white shorts to go out to lunch with girlfriends, then trade them out for a pair of distressed, skinny jeans before you head out for the night. PacSun is my favorite place to buy jeans, and I love these Slashed Black Ripped Perfect Fit Jeggings. They really weren’t kidding when they named them “perfect fit”– I have yet to see someone try these jeans and not love them. Plus, they’re incredibly soft.


Luckily, wearing this top is easy for any height and there aren’t really any tips or rules for styling it. It can be worn with shorts or pants, skinny or flared. Pair it with flats, sneakers, sandals, heels… Whatever you makes you feel fabulous!


Again, really no rules! Whatever makes you feel more comfortable and wonderful.

for the edgy girl.

Varsity Striped Moto Jacket
Forever 21, $19.99

This jacket is your ultimate “third piece” for the season. Incredibly trendy (and cheap, so you’re not spending a ton on fast fashion), this moto jacket will add a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit. It works as an awesome finishing piece and can be thrown on over jeans and a t-shirt or a dress to add some attitude.


This jacket is cropped in the exact right place that makes it wearable on anyone. If you’re worried about a long torso, wearing this jacket will cut you off and give you the appearance of a shorter waist and longer legs.


So often when smaller women try to wear jackets, they choose the wrong one for their size and turn out looking swallowed up in their clothes. Luckily, this Forever 21 jacket isn’t too long or bulky, which means it’s perfect for shorter ladies. It will pull your outfit together without making you seem like you’re drowning in it!

Beatrice Blush Velvet Embroidered Loafers
Lulu’s, $24 

The awesome thing about shoes is that they can be worn regardless of height. Anyone can wear flats, stilettos, wedges, sandals, you name it– and these velvet loafers from Lulu’s are no different. Paired with a skirt, trousers, or some boyfriend jeans, the masculinity of the loafer style keeps them edgy despite their girly color. Also, I think the bee detail adds an awesome quirky touch to any outfit.


I love the look of a long, skinny pant with loafers, especially on tall women. If you’re comfortable in high waisted pants, this look will elongate your legs and make them look even longer than they are. Simple and chic, pair these loafers with a pair of Urban Outfitter’s BDG Mom Jeans and a white button down tied at the waist for an effortlessly stylish look.


There are honestly no wrong way to wear loafers. If you really love an edgy style, but have trouble bringing that look into your professional life, these loafers are the answer. Pair them with an all black outfit to soften it up a bit and make anything a little more office appropriate. Personally, I love them paired with this Nice Martin Kendall Grommet Mini Dress from Urban Outfitters. I tend to dress on the sweeter side, so this black dress mixed with the pink is the perfect mix of edgy and girly.

Velvet Tie-Waist Sweatshirt
Forever 21, $45

If you like looking like you just rolled out of bed while also looking chic, this top is for you. You’ll look cool without trying with this sweatshirt tied at the waist paired with a pair of joggers on your way to brunch. Not to mention, you’ll feel like you just rolled out of bed, even if you’re “effortless” is hardly effortless.


There aren’t really any rules based on height when it comes to this top. Forever 21 shows it paired with velvet shorts, I think it would look great with some comfy joggers, or even with a pair of skinny jeans and some sneakers. Whatever floats your boat with this top– it’s pretty easy and versatile.


Again, not really a lot of rules or restrictions. Wear this in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

a lot of pink.

Mini Slip Dress
Forever 21, $19.90

This dress is the LBD of pink dresses. Keep it casual and girly with flats or sandals, or go for something more edgy like Kylie Jenner did here and here and pair it with a plain white tee. Not only does it work for any style, but also any occasion. Throw on a pair of sneakers to wear during the day, but be sure to keep some ankle-strap heels in your car for a 90’s-esque night out.


Forever 21 dresses always make me a little nervous in the length department, so be sure to try this one on before you buy depending on your height. I love the idea of pairing this slip dress with these Faux Fur Ankle-Strap Heels, also from Forever 21. They come in a great neutral which tones down the fur, but if you’re feeling bold, I love the black with multicolored fur.


This is a great dress for shorter ladies because you can tone it down easily with flat shoes, or step it up with heels. I love these Puma Suede Summer Satin Platform Sneakers from Urban Outfitters; their platform will give you some height and the neutral cream color will trick the eye into thinking your legs look longer, all while keeping it pretty casual.

My Fancy Blush Pink Romper
Lulu’s, $49

I love rompers. Like, so much I love them. I think they’re so cute and quirky– like a dress with more personality. They can be casual or formal and fit any occasion, plus they come in an awesome long version: AKA pantsuit.


Rompers can be your best friend!! They can also be your worst enemy. Personally, I have to try on every single romper and am wary of buying them online. I have kind of a long torso, so some rompers (*cough* Forever 21) are extremely short and do scary things in the crotch area. Or just look like lingerie. Either way– inappropriate, so always try on rompers and be sure to check the return policy when buying online!


I know I recommend ankle-strap heels for every piece, so I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with them. They’re feminine, subtle, but sexy and practical when it comes to adding height without being flashy. They definitely work for this romper, but if you want something a little shorter, try these Faux Suade Ankle-Strap Heels from Forever 21. Their heel is 1.5″, so very short and comfortable. They would work on a casual occasion with a denim jacket for a retro look, or sans jacket with some jewelry for something a little more formal.

Tie-Front Gingham Two-Piece Set Top | Bottom
Anthropologie, $78 / $98

I love two-pieces. And gingham. And blush. So, basically I love everything about this set. Girly and sweet, it puts a trendy spin on a southern classic, but my favorite part is that it’s cute in individual pieces. The skirt can be worn with a different top, and vice versa, which isn’t always the case for two-piece sets.


This is an awesome set for tall girls because the skirt is very high waisted (but not too short) and the top covers a decent amount. So often, I find that the bottoms are either a) too short or b) not high waisted enough to not make the outfit look swimsuit-esque. I love this two-piece paired with Anthropologie’s raffia Pour La Victoire Amanda Heels for a look perfect for any summer party.


For my very short ladies, this might not be your best bet when it comes to two-pieces. The front-tie detailing combined with the extra-high waist could be a little overwhelming on a smaller frame, so I recommend trying it with high, neutral heels to extend the frame. If you think the whole set might be too much fabric, try the top with these Petite High Waisted Tapered Trousers for the same retro feel with a little bit more chic.

a little pop of pink.

From a Dream Blush Pink Lace Bralette
Lulu’s, $27

I love bralettes. I LOVE BRALETTES. Hey, did you know that I love bralettes? Regular bras are my sworn enemy and I do everything in my power to avoid them– solution to everything? Bralette. They’re light, comfortable, and cover everything that needs covering. Plus, they’re feminine, pretty, and stylish with hard-to-wear tops. Pair this bralette with a plain white tee and some shorts or with a strappy top for just a hint pink on any occasion.

Era Backpack
Anthropologie, $78

There’s just something about a backpack, man. I think they’re so cute and full of personality, but also functional and comfortable. Purses always feel in the way while I’m traveling or shopping– sometimes I just want to carry my things but have them out of the way, y’know? This backpack is an easy way to wear the season’s trendiest color without planning your whole outfit around it.

Everyday Round Sunglasses
Urban Outfitters, $18

#1 way to add quirk and personality to any outfit is with sunglasses. Show off your fun, chic, crazy, reserved, retro, or modern side with a different pair for everyday– or try these pink sunnies from Urban for the summer and be on-trend every day.


I so hope you have enjoyed my pink picks for the summer! Sometimes incorporating something new can be hard, even if it’s incredibly trendy and you see it everywhere. Actually putting together outfits can be daunting, but I hope I’ve helped to make things a little easier for you! Comment below or contact me here with your favorite ways to wear blush this summer!

Photography: Blair Moss

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